The Importance Of Following Your Passions

I was waiting to arrive at Port Authority at around 6:30 in the morning.  All along on the bus, all I could think about was where I was right now in my life and how unhappy I was.  I felt like I was wasting my time doing something that literally sucked the life out of me.  I wanted to pursue my passion and dedication as a writer full time.  My job at the time was great.  I worked in the Helmsley Building in New York City.  I worked with people who genuinely cared about me.  Yet, I was still unhappy.  Standing in Port Authority, looking around at all the other people rushing to work, I knew what had to be done.  In the new few moments, I called out of my job, called my fianc√©, and left on the next bus back to Jersey.  

It’s the little moments in life that are often overlooked, drowned in the routine of our everyday life.  We often find ourselves conforming to society’s standards and this leaves us unfulfilled.  An example of this is taking a job that leaves us drained by the end of the day just because we have to make money in order to survive.  But let me ask you, are you currently fulfilled with what you are doing?  When does it become enough? What is our breaking point when it comes to our passions?
I realized that if I had stayed in my previous job, I would have continued to be miserable.  All I could think is how much I would rather be writing and chronicling the thoughts in my mind.  I never had the time to do it during work, and the thought would be lost or it would not be the same.  I would cry because I felt that I had spent an ample amount of time in my life not following what I really wanted to do. Life is meant to take risks and to live it to our fullest.  How can we do that if we are not personally fulfilled?  Only then can we truly enjoy our lives.  It was easy for me to walk away because I knew I was getting more satisfaction out of my life then working my job.  
It is easy enough for us to say we have passions. Pursuing those passions is the difficult part.  They are meant to be worked towards and because they are our passions, we know it is worth the process- all the ups and downs. The journey begins when we make the decision to take that first step towards what genuinely makes us happy.  When we embrace our passions, our lives shift to follow where our heart is.  We just need to keep that determination and drive to follow it.    

We all have something or multiple things that make us genuinely happy. I am a writer and that will never change. 

What are your passions and why haven't you started to pursue them yet?

I encourage everyone reading this to dig deep, don’t be afraid, and to go after what they really want!


  1. My entire career is based on doing just that... working with my passion rather than against it.


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