Energy and Thoughts

It takes one moment for your mind to completely destroy itself.  The power of the mind is incredible, isn’t it?  I sat at my fiance’s house and all I could do was focus on my flaws.  I latched onto them and kept repeating them over in my head, ignoring all of the positive qualities that I possess. Now, I ask myself, what made me do that?

I can blame it on my insecurities, but what was it really?  Why was I so unhappy with myself? 

I have always believed that the mind is a powerful force on its own. What we think manifests into our world.  If you think negatively, then negative things are more likely to happen because you are only looking for the negative. On the other hand, when we think positive thoughts, we are more likely to see the good that is offered daily.

I always understood that we need to remember is the importance of focusing where we are directing our energy. Everything has an intention of whether we realize it or not.  Every thought, every action, every breath.  I had lived in a negative headspace for so long, that it seems thinking negatively about an exciting opportunity comes naturally. 

They say you either see your glass as half full or half empty.  To me, I do not see it this way.  I know it is human nature to see the glass in both ways.  I personally feel that how we see the glass depends on our mental and emotional state, perhaps it is a reflection of our unconscious hopes or fears.  We see the glass half full when we are seeing the potential opportunity, yet a moment later can see that same glass as half empty representing our fears.  This takes energy or effort to distinguish the difference. Focusing your energy to see a positive outcome can be harder than giving up and accepting the negative. 

What we use our energy translates from thoughts into physical manifestations that affect our lives. Most of the time, we do not realize this and it can often be too late.  What I do to combat a half-empty mentality is taking a moment to be grateful for what I do have.  When I realize how fortunate I am, I realize there is no need to focus on negativity. 

Like I said, our mind is a powerful force on its own.  It’s up to us to determine how much energy we want to use and where we want to direct our focus.

I choose the full glass mentality.  How about you? 


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